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Auto LPG

This guidance is issued by the INDO BRIGHT PETROLEUM PVT. LTD. and is aimed at  users of IBP Auto Gas Operating instructions - vehicle filling: The retailer/site operator must place CLEAR


NOTICES - (see the following details) for self service LPG customers in a prominent position at the fuelling point. If an LPG dispenser is to be located close to other dispensers the warning notices must also be prominent to other vehicle users. It is recommended that these notices are also provided in the major languages appropriate to your anticipated customer base).

  • Shut down the vehicle’s engine and any ignition sources on board, e.g.’pilot lights’, apply the handbrake and select the neutral/park gear lever position.
  • The vehicle operator has a responsibility to examine the tank for soundness and check the periodical re-qualification date marking before connecting the nozzle of the dispenser tothe vehicle’s LPG tank.
  • Do not refill damaged LPG tanks or those not within their test certificate life.
  • Do not smoke or use mobile telephones.
  • Remove the cap plug from the filler valve of the vehicle’s LPG tank.
  • Check that the dispenser’s filling nozzle has a compatible fitting to the vehicle’s filler valve.
  • If not, it may be possible to use an adapter which will need to be fixed to the vehicle’s filler valve.

WARNING – The adapter must ALWAYS be attached to the vehicle’s filler valve first. Attempting to attach it to the nozzle will cause the nozzle valve to open causing the release of high-pressure gas with the consequent high risk of COLD BURNS and EXPLOSION or FIRE


  • Connect the filling nozzle with swivel clamp to the filler inlet (or adapter). Take care to lay the hose so as not to cause a trip hazard or be liable to be caught by other moving vehicles.
  • Push the mushroom-type START button on the dispenser.
  • A "call" signal will now be generated on a remote dispenser controller and when the site operator is satisfied that the fuelling can continue safely, an AUTHORISE command is sent to the dispenser.
  • The transaction display will reset to 0000’s then display the transaction details as flow commences.
  • If the START/STOP button is released, the flow will stop.
  • If the START/STOP button is re-pressed within 5 seconds, then the transaction can continue.
  • If the START/STOP button is NOT re-pressed within 5 seconds, then the transaction will terminate.
  • Once the dispenser has stopped, the nozzle can be disconnected from the dispenser and the hose replaced in the holster.
  • Replace cap plug on the vehicle’s filler valve.

Staff training:

Please refer to the references at the end of this manual for guidance on training material. Because of the particular hazards of LPG as indicated above, it is crucial that ALL site personnel are properly trained to deal with:

  • LPG gas escape emergency procedure.
  • Immediate first aid for cold burns – until qualified medical personnel arrive.
  • The proper use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) which should be readily available for use by staff at all times.
  • In addition, appropriate staff should be trained to carry out the routine inspection procedure below.
  • Staff should be on the alert at all times for customer misuse of the equipment and ensure improperlystowed nozzles and hoses are attended to without delay.

REMEMBER – LPG is potentially highly dangerous – if staff have ANY doubt about the safety of the
equipment or leakage of gas, they should follow the emergency procedure immediately – any delay could lead to a major incident and fatalities.