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Commercial & Industrial LPG

This guidance is issued by the INDO BRIGHT PETROLEUM PVT. LTD. and is aimed at  users of Industrials & Commercial LPG Always read and observe appliance manufacturer and our instructions

If you smell gas or suspect a leak:
  • Do not switch on or off any lights or electrical equipment, smoke or use naked flames
  • No matter where you smell gas.
  • Close the gas emergency control (shut-off) valve outside your property; and Close the isolation valve on top of the above - ground tank or beneath the cover of the underground tank If the smell of gas is indoors, open all doors and windows and ventilate at floor level and all low level areas.
  • Stop all LPG operations immediately.
  • Activate emergency management plan
  • Ring the IBP Gas emergency service number 08222022020.

If a fire occurs:

  • Dial 101 immediately to call the Fire Brigade. Ensure you tell them an LPG tank is on the premises
  • Leave the premises and go to a safe place
  • If safe to do so, shut all valves on the tank, and the emergency control valve, outside your property.

Installation and servicing:
  • By law, gas - fixed indoor appliances must be installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered installer
  • All gas appliances need regular servicing. Indoor appliances should be serviced annually. Read the appliance instructions for guidance. Never tamper with the equipment
  • Always provide adequate ventilation for appliances
  • Never use an appliance or equipment which is damaged in any way
  • Before carrying out any maintenance work, a work permit shall be obtained
  • All maintenance operations inside the LPG yard must be carried out by authorized service personnel only
  • No hot work like welding, cutting, heating shall be carried inside the LPG installation (fenced area)
  • All maintenance work for burners or combustion system should be carried out through authorized service personnel

REMEMBER – LPG is potentially highly dangerous – if staff have ANY doubt about the safety of the equipment or leakage of gas, they should follow the emergency procedure immediately – any delay could lead to a major incident and fatalities